Introduction to WITS and the
Protocol Standards Association

Designed By The Water Industry For The Water Industry

Most water companies use telemetry to monitor and control their remote assets. Traditionally, telemetry systems consist of “Field Devices” which are linked to a “Master Station” using one or more telemetry protocols and communication methods. Many protocols are proprietary and suffer from vendor lock-in. Other open standards can be difficult to match with the water industries’ particular set of needs. The WITS Protocol is different…[Read more]

Developing The WITS-DNP3 Protocol

The Water Industry Telemetry Standards (WITS) group was formed in 2003 by members drawn from a wide cross section of water companies and water industry suppliers. The team had the aim of helping water companies realise greater efficiencies by encouraging co-operation between water companies and with engineers and consultants in external supplier organisations. The WITS vision was simple:…[Read more]

The WITS Protocol Standards Association (PSA)

Once the Standard was produced, attention turned to its sustainability. To ensure this, the WITS Protocol Standards Association (PSA) was established and currently provides for the maintenance and management of the WITS-DNP3 protocol… [Read more]

UK Water Adoption, September 2017

Recognition and Supplier Adoption of The Standard

Since the formation of the PSA, work has been carried out to develop field devices that conform to the Standard.  This has been driven by both manufacturers and the water companies… [Read more]