25-Mar-2015 Certification Process Updated

Now that two of our Master Station suppliers are now offering Test Master Station Licences (see previous news items), we have updated the Certification process to incorporate this.

Refer to the Certification and FAQ pages on the website:

25-Mar-2015 New Technical Bulletins 47, 52 , 54 + New Index + Road Map Published

The WITS technical sub-group have agreed to:

  • Publish TB#47, describing binary inputs states, values and persistence.
  • Publish TB#52, clarifying WITS connection records and dual end points.

We’ve also had a vendor point out an inconsistency in two areas of the application notes. As a result the group have agreed to:

  • Publish TB#54, correcting the FD behaviour when applying or removing action inhibits.

The TB index has been updated as well as the WITS roadmap.

You can find the new

25-Mar-2015 Updated WITS Compliance Manual Published

The WITS Compliance Manual is issued as a guide for producing and maintaining WITS Compliant Devices. It was noticed that some of the content needed updating and rationalising.

The WITS Technical team have gone through the Compliance Manual and have updated and revised the content to version 2.7 which has now been published.

You can find the new Compliance Manual on the website in the Members Library.

ABB Aquamaster3 Device Profile v1.3

WITS Version 1.3 – Self Certified in March 2015


Note that this Device Profile shows the device’s functionality at the time it was listed as a Verified device. The vendor may have changed the device’s functionality since that time and they may […]