25-Apr-2015 Process and Asset Condition Intelligence is Key to System Optimisation

The reliable provision of water and sewerage services requires water companies to think and plan long term, especially when it comes to effective asset care. Water companies are under unprecedented pressure to reduce maintenance costs, but are they harnessing the power of systems and technology already in their possession to aid this, or merely reacting to problems as they occur? Guy Fitzpatrick from Xylem explains why it’s time to change maintenance methodology from cure […]

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25-Apr-2015 Technical Documentation Pack Release 6 Published

A new version of the Technical Documentation Pack – Release 6 – is now available. Please note that:

  • The apps notes are now in a single PDF file per stream (i.e. one for WITS version 1.x and one for WITS version 2.x). All old versions of apps notes should now be archived and this latest version used.
  • The Compliance Manual has been removed from the release pack – this document is now available from the

25-Apr-2015 Application Note AN2005-002 Version 1.6 Published

AN2005-002 version 1.6 has been published. It can be viewed in the Library section of the website.

The updates are:

  • Clarified the priority of connection records in section 2.3. Add "sampled data" to the list of IC topics in 2.5.2.
  • Clarified the statement about the use of standard DNP3 event objects in section 2.4.2.
  • Added section 2.4.8 describing values and states.

Multitrode MultiSmart Pump Station Manager WITS Ver 1.3 Device Profile

WITS version 1.3, Self-Certified April 2015

Separate Device Profiles are available for PSTN and network communications.


Note that these Device Profiles show the device’s functionality at the time it was listed as a self-certified device. The vendor may have changed the device’s functionality since that time and they may have later versions of the Device […]