31-May-2016 Device manufacturers name strings

The WITS-DNP3 Application Notes state:

The WITS group will define the device manufacturer names that are used by each vendor. This is to ensure that compliant Master Stations can easily determine the Field Device type in cases where different manufacturers have chosen similar product names for their hardware. Vendors wishing to be WITS compliant will need to apply to the WITS group for their unique vendor name string with a maximum of 8 characters.

The rules […]

27-May-2016 – Release of DNP TB2016-002

The DNP Technical Committee has released Technical Bulletin TB2016-002 Addressing Deficiencies in DNP3-SAv5. This document details identified deficiencies and vulnerabilities in DNP3 Secure Authentication version 5 (DNP3-SAv5) that must be corrected.

Some of the issues can be addressed by making changes to the behavior of DNP3-SAv5 devices without changing the structure of the messages exchanged. These changes are described in the Technical Bulletin. A device that implements […]

23-May-2016 OLDI WITS-Gateway Device Profile

WITS Version 1.1 – Self certified on 23rd May 2016

Note that this Device Profile shows the device’s functionality at the time it was listed as a self certified device. The vendor may have changed the device’s functionality since that time and they may have later versions of the Device Profile.
The device was tested to Test Specification version 3. Note that later versions of the […]

19-May-2016 New article on Encryption and the WITS-DNP3 protocol

There is an new article on the website: “Encryption and the WITS-DNP3 protocol – a review of current security provisions in the Protocol”.

It discusses how to keep data secure on a WITS-DNP3 enabled network, with a review of current security provisions within the protocol plus additional security measures which can be used.

Read it here at http://www.witsprotocol.org/what-is-wits

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18-May-2016 Schneider Electric release ClearSCADA 2015R2, with WITS V1.3 option

This new version of the established telemetry and remote SCADA software offers extreme performance and scalability. For DNP3 and WITS protocols ClearSCADA now uses the XML device profile formats. It also improves security, arising from the WITS Information Bulletin IB2014-002.

Schneider Electric Water Segment Manager Steve Grant says “WITS is now very well established in the UK and Schneider Electric are leading the way with all our WITS based telemetry products, increasing security whilst driving […]

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