21-Jun-2017 WITS-IoT Presented at SCADA Australia 2017

SCADA Australia 2017 Conference Report

Jim Baker, the SCADA Acquisitions Manager for Water Corporation in Western Australia and a member of the WITS-PSA committee, was invited to give a presentation at the SCADA Australia 2017 conference in Melbourne (30th-31st May). He sent us this report:

“The SCADA Australia conference is held every year and is attended by many Australian vendors and utility representatives. What was interesting is that the vast majority of the attendees were from […]

18-Jun-2017 New WITS Technical Bulletin TB#61: Clarification on Extended Data Points

Today, the WITS-PSA has published the results of our work to clarify some points within WITS-DNP3. The updated Technical Bulletin is as follows:

TB #61 – Clarifications on the use of Extended Data Points when there are no valid values of the source point.

In addition, the Technical Bulletin index has been updated to include this enhancement.

To download the updated documentation, log-in to the website to access the Members section. Then from the “Members” […]

09-Jun-2017 WITS Plugfest Report (May 2017)


There came a point in the development of the WITS-DNP3 protocol, many years ago, when we had to migrate from writing documents about the protocol and thinking about how it would work, to building and testing real devices. To do this we used plugfests. For WITS and many other organisations, a plugfest is a chance to bring various bits of equipment together and test that the interfaces between them all work as expected. […]

12-Jun-2017 Grundfos CIU 531 Field Device Profile

WITS Version 1.1 – Self certified on 12th June 2017


Note that this Device Profile shows the device’s functionality at the time it was listed as a self certified device. The vendor may have changed the device’s functionality since that time and they may have later versions of the Device Profile.
The device was tested to Test Specification version 3 Note that later versions of the Test […]

06-Jun-2017 WITS Membership Fee Changes

Simplified WITS Membership Fee Structure

From the inception of the WITS Protocol Standards Association we have recognised the massive contributions made by our Founder Members, and have reflected that in our scale of membership fees. However the Committee has decided that we need to rationalise the fees in order to simplify our accounts and in addition attract new members to the PSA by removing the registration fee for new members.

Therefore  from 6th June 2017  the […]