17.08.2017 [Stuart Combellack]

WITS-IoT face-to-face meeting at Schneider Electric. WITS-IoT documentation currently at 0.13. The team focused on the business impact of WITS-IoT. The technical phase of the protocol development is nearing its completion. The next phase in the protocol’s life will be building water-industry user interest and demand for the protocol. Vendors need to be able to build business cases for implementing the protocol; this will in a large part be in response to user demand.

21.06.2017 [Jim Baker]

WITS-IoT was presented at SCADA Australia 2017 in late May.  I have posted my slide deck and written a brief show report (link).  The talk was very well received and there was a lot of interest in WITS and WITS-IoT.

24.05.2017 [Stuart Combellack]

WITS-IoT team face-to-face meeting at Schneider Electric.  We had a detailed review of the WITS-IoT state model; this is an important aspect of the protocol development because it brings clarity to both client and server, ensuring that all parties know what to expect and what actions to take as a result of any given set of circumstances.  The state model is typically simple but all possible circumstances need to be catered for.  We had further discussions about the security aspects of WITS-IoT with help from security experts from Severn Trent Water and Anglian Water.

Documentation is continuing and actions were taken by attendees to continue the effort to re-format the documentation.

07.04.2017 [Stuart Combellack]

WITS-IoT face-to-face meeting at Technolog.  A draft WITS-IoT state model was tabled and discussed.  We examined the security of the protocol.  Steve Beadle (Schneider Electric) presented a new, clearer, format for the protocol documentation.  It was agreed that this was an improvement.

02.02.2017 [Stuart Combellack]

WITS-PSA committee face to face meeting.  WITS-IoT was discussed, bringing the full committee up to date with the progress of the subgroup.  We discussed the engagement programme and opportunities for bringing more outside organisations into the development of WITS-IoT both within and outside the water industry.

01.02.2017 [Stuart Combellack]

Full WITS-IoT face-to-face team meeting held at Technolog.  We ran through the latest draft of the protocol and identified a few areas for improvements.  We also kicked-off an ambitious plan for providing full plug-and-play between Outstation and Master.  In theory any new Outstation feature can be auto-magically supported by the Master-station.  We identified the fact that we would only support limited operational scenarios initially and will go through the task of mapping WITS-IoT to a real-life small outstation to identify areas for development.  Lastly we will work through the original WITS user requirements specification and check which ones WITS-IoT satisfies and which it doesn’t (gap analysis).

10.11.2016 [Stuart Combellack]

WITS-IoT strategy was discussed at the WITS-PSA face-to-face meeting in Northampton today. We’re planning the next stages of development and have agreed a strategy for the next few months including inviting user and vendor involvement in protocol design and development.

Servelec Technologies, Technolog, Schneider Electric and Terzo Digital will continue the fast-paced process of extracting the WITS Data Model from the WITS-DNP3 application notes and interpreting the communications in JSON objects. This work will form the basis of the wider task of sculpting a protocol for the current and future needs of the Water Industry.

Sit by your inboxes for the official launch of the engagement programme!

03.11.2016 [Stuart Combellack]

WITS-IoT revealed at WWEM 2016 / IWA Conference, Telford.
I gave a speech about the WITS direction entitled “WITS – The Next Generation”. It was well attended and well received. We talked to a number of vendors after the presentation who all thought that WITS was going in the right direction and who wanted to join us to help to bring this protocol standard to market. You can see the presentation here. There was an accompanying video, too.

18.10.2016 [Stuart Combellack]

WITS-IoT Project launched!
We came out of hiding and announced our vision for the future of WITS. We talked about the technologies that we’re using and presented a live demo of a WITS-IoT Field Device (outstation) talking to a WITS-IoT Master Station over Wi-Fi. Reception from the room was fantastic with lots of companies pledging their support for the development and direction. It was a very, very positive start! Thanks to everyone for attending the event and to the organisers for making it a really special day – best conference I can remember for a long time. Check out the event report here.