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Arkessa has 12 years of experience in supplying managed connectivity. We help Water Companies and their equipment suppliers to use the mobile networks to connect to, monitor and manage remote internet-enabled devices, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

We can supply both single network and multi-network (roaming) SIMs to ensure cost-effectiveness and a reliable connection to every device on your network. Customers benefits from optimised tariffs according to their specific needs, and our management portal simplifies the management of all devices, regardless of network, with a single login.

Our M2M connectivity service provides Water Companies with the following benefits:

  • Multi-network (roaming) connectivity: ensuring device connection wherever the device is located, making initial deployment easy and adding resilience once installed.
  • Customised tariffs: flexible pricing according to customers’ specific needs.
  • Online SIM management: Emport (Arkessa’s management portal) allows real-time monitoring of SIM activity, provisioning, reporting etc.
  • Great customer service: a single telephone number to our UK based Customer Services and Technical Support teams.
  • Maximum security: VPNs through the internet and fixed private IP per device complies with WITS policies.
  • Simple setup: no need for a router at your premises.
  • Free trial procedure including multi-network or single network SIMs, VPN, fixed private IP, business APN, Emport and technical support.

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