The WITS Protocol Standards Association

Ownership and Maintenance of the Standard

The WITS Protocol Standards Association (PSA) provides for the long term maintenance and management of the WITS-DNP3 Protocol Standard. Members are drawn from the utilities industry – both users (mainly water companies) and vendors/manufacturers of telemetry equipment. The PSA has its own independent elected committee drawn from members of both the vendor and user communities.

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Mission Statement

The WITS PSA is dedicated to the collaborative development, maintenance and promotion of the WITS-DNP3 protocol for the Utilities industry.

Strategy document

To support the Mission statement the PSA Committee defined the following development and maintenance strategy for the protocol so that only one approved version of the standard exists, hence preventing it from fractioning into multiple unsupported versions though uncoordinated development:

  • Develop a clear development strategy enabling vendors to bring WITS capable devices to market
  • Maintain ongoing development of the protocol aligned to users requests and requirements
  • Develop clear guidelines on WITS DNP3 security aligned to CPNI best practice
  • WITS to have a developing presence in other countries outside the UK
  • The majority of water supply companies and water management organisations to have adopted WITS DNP3 as their first choice industry standard protocol for remote field devices  
  • Maintain a clear definition for users regarding where WITS DNP3 fits into their individual company telemetry strategies
  • Ensure the PSA and committee has the correct membership to allow main strategy objectives to be achieved 

 PSA Corporate Membership – Benefits

Membership of the PSA will enable your organisation to gain access to the full Application Notes and other technical documentation necessary to achieve WITS-DNP3 certified status with its associated benefits as described below. Becoming a Corporate member also entitles you to rights to become involved in the running of the Association

PSA Corporate Membership Benefits Summary

  • Access to Application Notes
  • Access to Compliance Testing Manual
  • Access to Device Profiles
  • Access to members only sections of website
  • Access to listing of certified products
  • Use of WITS-DNP3 logo on certified products
  • Election and nomination rights to the Protocol Standards Association Committee
  • Voting rights at Meetings
  • Product features on website
  • Company news on website
  • Hyperlink to member’s website

We look forward to welcoming you as a member.

How to Join the PSA

Simply download an Application form and send it to us with your membership fee [Read more]

PSA Corporate Membership Fees

Corporate membership fee levels have been set so as to cover the estimated costs of the PSA Committee, and to reflect the significant contributions made by the founder organisations during the Protocol Standards project. [Read more]

PSA Constitution

A full description of the structure and operation of the Protocol Standards Association can be found in the WITS PSA Constitution. The WITS PSA Constitution also includes the details of how to become a WITS PSAC (PSA Committee) member and the voting mechanisms used by the WITS PSAC – click on the link – WITS PSA Constitution Rev 1.15

WITS-IoT Terms of Reference

The TOR can be found here

GDPR notice

The WITS Protocol Standards Association gathers and holds limited personal data on its Members. The way we use this is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 and is described in our Privacy Notice – please click here to view