How To Achieve WITS Certified Status

Steps to consider in implementing a WITS Field Device

A comprehensive guide for potential vendors.

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The Certification process

The following documents are intended to guide WITS-DNP3 Field Device and Master Station vendors through the WITS certification process, so that their products can claim compliance with the WITS-DNP3 protocol.

Certification Levels

Vendors may choose one of two levels of certification for their products – Self certified or Verified [Read more]

Process For Claiming Certification

There are seven steps in the process [Read more]

Protocol Version

Devices can achieve Verified and Self-Certified status at any WITS protocol version if they fulfil the acceptance criteria as described in the WITS Compliance Manual. The WITS device catalogue on the WITS website will list the highest protocol version level that every device has achieved for each status.

Future Protocol Developments

The WITS protocol is in continuous active development. New products should be developed against the most recent set of WITS Application Notes, claim compliance at the current WITS protocol version and use a current test specification. [Read more]

Device Manufacturers’ Name Strings

 The WITS-DNP3 Application Notes state: The WITS group will define the device manufacturer names that are used by each vendor. [Read more]

The Device Catalogue

WITS Certified devices are listed on the website as being WITS Verified or WITS Self-Certified. Details of a device’s certification are published on the WITS PSA website [Read more]