The WITS-DNP3 Application Notes state:

The WITS group will define the device manufacturer names that are used by each vendor. This is to ensure that compliant Master Stations can easily determine the Field Device type in cases where different manufacturers have chosen similar product names for their hardware. Vendors wishing to be WITS compliant will need to apply to the WITS group for their unique vendor name string with a maximum of 8 characters.

The rules for constructing the name strings are:

  • Up to 8 characters in length
  • Consists of alphabetic characters A to Z
  • Upper or lower case (upper case preferred)

The current list of device manufacturer name strings is:

Name string Vendor
ABB Limi ABB Limited
BRODERSN Brodersen
EATON Elpro Technologies (part of Eaton)
HWM Halma Water Management
ITTFLYGT ITT Flygt(now Xylem)
MSPHERE Metasphere Limited
MULTRODE MultiTrode UK Limited
OLDI Online Developments inc
PULSAR Pulsar Process Measurement
RADCOM Radcom (Technologies) Limited
(now part of Halma Water Management)
SCHNEIDR Schneider Electric Limited
SERCK Serck Controls Limited (now part of Schneider Electric Ltd)
SERVELEC Servelec Limited
Softing Softing Inc
TECHNOLG Technolog Limited