12-Dec-2019 Device manufacturers name strings

The WITS-DNP3 Application Notes state:

The WITS group will define the device manufacturer names that are used by each vendor. This is to ensure that compliant Master Stations can easily determine the Field Device type in cases where different manufacturers have chosen similar product names for their hardware. Vendors wishing to be WITS compliant will need to apply to the WITS group for their unique vendor name string with a maximum of 8 characters.

The rules […]

21-Apr-2016 Use of alternative test specifications

It has been decided by the WITS Committee that we can no longer accept applications for WITS certification unless the Testing has been done using the WITS Test Specification. The reason for this is that we do not have the resources for checking any alternative versions written by vendors for compliance to the standard.

The WITS Test Specification is available for purchase as before from the WITS Secretary at a price of £3,000.


17-Nov-2015 Steps to consider in implementing a WITS Field Device

So you are considering implementing a WITS Field device? This article provides an insight into the factors you may need to consider and the steps you may have to take to do that. By pulling together some of the experiences of current WITS device manufacturers on the PSAC, it also provides a glimpse into the types of issues that others in your position have found important.

To explain a few terms before we dive in […]

The Device Catalogue

WITS Certified devices are listed on the website as being WITS Verified or WITS Self-Certified. Details of a device’s certification are published on the WITS PSA website as follows:

1.      To be successfully listed the vendor has submitted a completed Application Form with details of how the Device has been tested and with which communications media. The completed Application Form for a particular device is available for download to WITS PSA members from the Device Catalogue […]

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Protocol version

Devices can achieve Verified and Self-Certified status at any WITS protocol version if they fulfil the acceptance criteria as described in the WITS Compliance Testing Manual. The WITS device catalogue on the WITS website will list the highest protocol version level that every device has achieved for each status.

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Process for claiming certification

7-steps-certificationThere are seven steps in the process:

Step 1

Become a member of the WITS Protocol Standards Association.

Step 2

Complete the appropriate tests as follows:

Note: Testing MUST be done using the PSA Test Specification (purchased from the PSA). The test results must be submitted to the PSA.

Method of Testing – device to be Self Certified

Tests are carried out by the vendor themselves using either an […]

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Future Protocol developments


The WITS protocol is in continuous active development. New products should be developed against the most recent set of WITS Application Notes, claim compliance at the current WITS protocol version and use a current test specification.

Incremental changes to the major protocol version (e.g. 1.x->2.x) are assumed to involve significant changes to the software or system of a Field Device or Master Station. These may include significant new […]

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Certification levels

Vendors may choose one of two levels of certification for their products:

Self-Certified – Tests are conducted by the vendor themselves using their own test equipment. Tests do not involve any third party.

Verified – Tests are carried out against existing WITS Verified devices in conjunction with the vendors of those WITS Verified devices. This ensures a greater level of confidence that the equipment complies with the protocol and […]

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