20-2-20 Changes to PSA Committee


This document details changes to the WITS PSA Committee as currently detailed in the WITS constitution document. The changes are made to address the following concerns in the current running of WITS:

  • The current PSA Committee members recognise that the purpose activities and objectives as defined in the Constitution are not being met through the current structure. The principal reason for this is that the elected members do not always fulfil their duties as per […]
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02-03-2020 Updated WITS Compliance Manual Published

The WITS Compliance Manual is issued as a guide for producing and maintaining WITS Compliant Devices. It was noticed that some of the content needed updating and rationalising.

The WITS Technical team have gone through the Compliance Manual and have updated and revised the content to version 2.8 which has now been published.

You can find the new Compliance Manual rev 2.8 on the website in the Members Library.

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20-Nov-2019 A Report on the WITS Plugfest of November 2019


The Plugfests are a great way for vendors to test out their WITS devices’ latest firmware release against the current WITS compliant Master Stations, whilst also allowing users of the WITS devices to come along and see some of this testing first hand. Previous Plugfests had been held in places such as Durham, Nottingham, Reading and Warrington, but the most recent Plugfest was held at Northern Irelands National Football Stadium – Windsor Park on the […]

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