Frequently Asked Questions

WITS Functionality

What is a WITS device profile?
Should a potential user list which of the WITS features he/she requires?
What are the communication implications for vendors?


WITS and the DNP3 standard

What is the technical relationship between WITS and the DNP3 protocol?
What features of DNP3 does WITS use?


WITS Founder Vendors

Who are the WITS founder vendors?

Developing a device

How do I develop a WITS device?
How do I develop a backwards compatible WITS field device
How do I develop a backwards compatible WITS master station


Testing a device

How do I test my device for WITS compliance?
Does the Master Station used for Verification testing need to be a WITS Verified Master Station?
How many Verified master stations are currently available to test against?
Have any independent test houses been set up?
Why is it necessary when verifying a field device to test against two Verified Master Stations?
Why is it important to verify a product?
Is a retest required when upgrading a certified product from 1.2 to 1.3 (when issued)?


Device compliance to the WITS standard

How do I formally verify my device as being WITS compliant?
Verification or Self-certification?
How do 1.3 products (when produced) communicate with 1.2 products?
How is it made clear which product features have been Self Certified and/or Verified?


Registering a device

How do I register my device?
Who signs off the Verification testing?

The PSA’s Role

What is the PSA?


PSA Membership

What are the benefits of PSA membership ?
How does my organisation join the PSA ?
Can individuals join the PSA ?


The PSA Committee

What is the PSA Committee ?
Who is on the PSA Committee ?