29-Aug-2017 NI Water: WITS and The Telemetry Outstation Project

Northern Ireland Water

Telemetry Outstation Project

NI Water Telemetry provides monitoring (and in some cases control) of approximately 4,500 clean and wastewater assets. Telemetry not only provides alarm annunciation, local monitoring and control but also provides regulatory and operational data. There is a reliance on accurate and timely data being provided for business, operational purposes and for the security of customer water and wastewater facilities.

At each asset, signals are marshalled into a […]

21-Aug-2017 DNP User Group Issues DNP3 Security Notice

The DNP User Group have issued a security notice (SN2017-001)

The WITS-PSAC would like to draw members attention to a security notice that has been issued by the DNP User Group.

Last year there was a cyber-attack against the Ukraine Power Grid using malware named as CrashOverride (also named as Industroyer).  The attackers spent some time analysing the structure of the Ukrainian SCADA system and then inserted the malware which took over, amongst other items, the […]