The publication

The DNP User Group published the following news on June 7th 2016:

The DNP Technical Committee has released the following Technical Bulletin (TB):

  • TB2016-003 Updated Subset Parsing Tables

The TB (dated May 18th 2016) describes the master station requests and outstation responses that are implemented by devices conformant to the various DNP subset levels. The details existing in the current DNP3 standard (IEEE 1815‑2012) have been reformatted to improve comprehension. The new tables also contain the requirements for an outstation’s response to subset-specific requests.

How does this affect WITS users?

This has no impact on WITS users.

How does this affect WITS vendors?

The existing WITS devices implement the necessary requests and responses to meet the requirement documented in the WITS-DNP3 Application Notes. The new tables detailed in the TB have taken into account the requirements of the WITS-DNP3 protocol. The WITS devices may not be implementing all of the requests and response detailed in the new tables. The WITS Protocol Standards Association Committee recommends that vendors check what impact this change may have on their implementation.

Further details

The DNP Technical Bulletin can be downloaded by members of the DNP User Group from

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