Today, the WITS-PSA has published the final results of many months of work, standardising some important new features into WITS-DNP3.  These include recommendations for operating WITS-DNP3 in an optimised manner and transients recording (high speed recording and triggering data send after an incident condition).  The updated Technical Bulletins are as follows:

TB #56 – Defining how to use WITS-DNP3 in an optimised manner.

TB #57 – Adding incident logs and significant change logs (transients recording).

TB #58 – Adding new DNP3 Device Attributes.

TB #59 – High Speed Sampled Data improvements.

TB #60 – Device Profile clarification comments.

In addition the Technical Bulletin index has been updated to include these enhancements.

To download the updated documentation, log-in to the website to access the Members section.  Then from the “Members” menu, click on “Members Library” and then on the “Technical Bulletins TB33 to TB60” link to see all of the technical bulletins since 2010.