23-Jan-2016 WWRF – Getting involved in the specification of 5G

The following letter was received from Dr Nigel Jefferies, Chairman of the Wireless World Research Forum:

Getting involved in the specification of 5G  the next generation of mobile networks
The next phase in the development of mobile networks is already under way with the 5G initiative. The
established 5G requirements include greater capacity, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness with research
currently being conducted into those areas, and also into very low latency, ultra-reliable and ultra-dense
networks. Device-to-device and rural coverage are also important factors in the design of the new 5G
Initial rollout of 5G networks is not expected until around 2020, but as part of the development work, users’
requirements are now being collected for any parties with an interest in using the 5G mobile network.
The WWRF (World Wireless Research Forum) plays a pivotal role in driving forward and supporting aspects of
the 5G work. In particular, WWRF is setting up new Working Groups (WGs) for specific Vertical Industry
Platforms (VIPs). As of early January 2016, work is underway to get a Connected Car VIP launched and work
has commenced on a 5G Health Technologies and Wearables VIP.
Over this year WWRF would like to set up other VIP WGs including one for the Water Industry. This would give
Water companies and vendors from all over the world the chance to advance their requirements for the 5G
network and to influence the technology which is being developed.
Currently WWRF have planned a 5G Huddle in London late in April. This will be an opportunity for major
players in the 5G development to meet and discuss the current position of the 5G standard. Prior to that we
hope to have the Water VIP WG formed.
This is your chance to influence the design of the next major mobile communications generation, something
which will inevitably play into your organisations’ communications and telemetry strategy over the coming
years. If you would like your voice to be heard in this process, please contact WWRF through me (either
contact@wwrf.ch or chairman@wwrf.ch).
With best wishes,
Dr Nigel Jefferies,
Huawei Technologies
WWRF Chairman
Wireless World Research Forum                                                     contact @wwrf.ch
c/o Format A AG                                                                                      www.wwrf.ch
Pfingstweidstrasse 102b
5 Zürich, Switzerland

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21-Jan-2016 Guidelines for Product Related Website Articles

This note provides guidelines for the content of product related articles to be published on the WITS PSA web site. Articles should conform to the following:

  • Articles can be used to promote or discuss a wide range of issues and concepts associated with the WITS-DNP3 Protocol
  • Content should not be exclusively for the sales of, or to promote a particular product.
  • The article can cover the technical merit of a particular product
  • The article can reference or refer […]
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21-Jan-2016 Using SAv2 with the Triangle MicroWorks SCL

There has been recent discussion over the continued use of DNP3 Secure Authentication Version 2 (SAv2) and a transition to Version 5 (SAv5) in the WITS-DNP3 Protocol. For information about this transition, you can read a high level article on this or a more detailed discussion on the exact differences between SAv2 and SAv5.

The deprecation of SAv2 by the DNP committee and the adoption of SAv5 has raised some concerns about the availability […]

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19-Jan-2016 WITS-DNP3 Protocol Version 3.0

Version 3.0 of the protocol is due to be released at the end of March 2016, merging all previous versions into a single one. In addition, Devices supporting WITS-DNP3 version 3.0 will be able to make use of the following enhancements:

  • Use the protocol in an optimised manner when devices first establish a communications session, significantly reducing the number of message exchanges between the Master Station and the Field Devices.
  • Support enhanced logging features, […]
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28-Dec-2015 Article in the Water & Sewerage Journal 2015

In December 2015 the Water & Sewerage Journal published an article about WITS. This time it was entitled “WITS-DNP3 Protocol Adoption Progresses” and was written by Charles Williams.  This is the fourth time that they have asked us for an article, so we were very pleased to provide an update on our activities and on the way that the Protocol is being adopted throughout the UK.

To view the article, click on the link which will […]

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