Version 3.0 of the protocol is due to be released at the end of March 2016, merging all previous versions into a single one. In addition, Devices supporting WITS-DNP3 version 3.0 will be able to make use of the following enhancements:

  • Use the protocol in an optimised manner when devices first establish a communications session, significantly reducing the number of message exchanges between the Master Station and the Field Devices.
  • Support enhanced logging features, allowing additional point logging to occur when the Field Device detects that an “incident” has happened. The feature allows an incident to be defined, such as a change of state of a binary point or limit transgression, and then defines what logging is required and over what period of time.
  • Support extended definitions for detecting and reporting significant changes of value of analogue points.
  • Support the new nameplate details (device attributes) published by the DNP User Group.
  • Implement DNP3 secure authentication version 2 (SAv2), secure authentication version 5 (SAv5), or both – thus removing the separate WITS-DNP3 version streams that were present up until now.