In order to accommodate new and legacy  versions of DNP3 Secure Authentication, the Committee has decided that henceforth there will be 2 WITS streams:

  • Ver 1.3 (which includes SAV2 security)
  • Ver 2.1 (which includes SAV5 security) 

New TBs will be incorporated into both versions. The two release packs are now available:

  • Release Pack 5-SAv2 (documents for WITS-DNP3 version 1.3)
  • Release Pack 5-SAv5 (documents for WITS-DNP3 version 2.1) 

Two revised Test Specs are also available:

  • PSA Test Spec for WITS-DNP3 version 1.3
  • PSA Test Spec for WITS-DNP3 version 2.1 

Both of these are available free of charge to those who have purchased earlier versions upon request.