WITS Forums – Service announcement and migration to new host

Following the first user meeting in June 2017, users requested that they have a method to continue discussions on line between meetings. These discussions should be private to the users. The current forum used by the WITS PSA and its members has been voluntarily managed by one of the PSA vendors representatives (Gavin Rawson). To avoid any conflicts of interest and with the help of Gavin, this forum will be moved to another host, then control transferred to a user representative or non vendor affiliated representative.

We expect to move the forum on Thursday 19th October and would request that you make no further posts to the forum after the close of business on Wednesday 18th October. We will write again once the migration is complete.

Wednesday 18th October 2017, Mark Davison of Terzo Digital, Gavin Rawson of Servelec Technologies and Stuart Combellack of Technolog