SCADA Australia 2017 Conference Report

Jim Baker, the SCADA Acquisitions Manager for Water Corporation in Western Australia and a member of the WITS-PSA committee, was invited to give a presentation at the SCADA Australia 2017 conference in Melbourne (30th-31st May). He sent us this report:

“The SCADA Australia conference is held every year and is attended by many Australian vendors and utility representatives. What was interesting is that the vast majority of the attendees were from the water utilities emphasising the growing importance of SCADA in the water industry.”

“I gave a presentation on WITS-IoT which was heavily based on a presentation developed and given by Stuart Combellack, one of the developers of WITS-IoT.  The presentation gave an overview of WITS-DNP3 and WITS-IoT, and how WITS-IoT is complementary to the DNP3 version. It was well received and there was a lot of interest in getting more detail about WITS and WITS-IoT.”

“WITS-IoT is well suited to the water industry in that it provides a low cost, low power solution the many remote water and wastewater assets that would otherwise require full SCADA. This is particularly the case in the remote locations in Australia where the provision of power can be very expensive or even not possible.”

Jim is following up on this with a presentation and demonstration of WITS-IoT at the Industrial Internet of Things Summit to be held in Sydney, Australia in August.  If you’re local or in the area then we strongly suggest you pop in to hear what Jim has to say!

Here is a copy of the presentation that Jim gave to the conference:

WITS The Next Generation (Aus 2017)

-Jim Baker, the SCADA Acquisitions Manager for Water Corporation in Western Australia