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PSA Corporate Membership fees

Corporate membership fee levels have been set so as to cover the estimated costs of the PSA Committee, and to reflect the significant contributions made by the founder organisations during the Protocol Standards project.

  • Vendor registration fee: £ 1,000
  • Vendor membership fee £ 500 p.a.
  • User registration fee £ 200
  • User membership fee £ 300 p.a.

(Note: Vendor refers to manufacturers and suppliers of telemetry equipment; User refers to a UK Water Management organisation – the UK water companies […]

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How to join the PSA

  • Download a Corporate Membership form by clicking on the “Join now” tab at the top of the page.
  • Complete and sign it
  • Send it to the WITS PSA Secretary at the address on the “Contact us” page with your cheque
  • OR scan and email it to enquiries@witsprotocol.org if you prefer to pay by bank transfer (bank details are on the form).

The applicant will then be registered as a Member on the website.

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Ownership and maintenance of the Standard

The WITS Protocol Standards Association (PSA) provides for the long term maintenance and management of the WITS-DNP3 Protocol Standard.  Members are drawn from the water industry – both users (mainly water companies) and vendors/manufacturers of telemetry equipment. The PSA has its own independent elected committee drawn from members of both the vendor and user communities.

The PSA has ownership of the Standard and has the responsibility to ensure that the long term maintenance of the Standard […]

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