Corporate membership fee levels have been set so as to cover the estimated costs of the PSA Committee, and to reflect the significant contributions made by the founder organisations during the Protocol Standards project.

  • Vendor registration fee: £ 1,000
  • Vendor membership fee £ 500 p.a.
  • User registration fee £ 200
  • User membership fee £ 300 p.a.

(Note: Vendor refers to manufacturers and suppliers of telemetry equipment; User refers to a UK Water Management organisation – the UK water companies and associated organisations who use telemetry)

In order to recognise the substantial input of cost and time during the development stages by our Founder members, special reduced rates apply to them.

Note that you only have to pay the registration fee once – in the first year of membership. You have to pay a membership fee for each year (including the first). If your membership lapses then the registration fee is again payable when renewing your membership:

1st year: registration fee + membership fee both payable

2nd & subsequent years: membership fee only payable