A prioritised list of open tickets is now available for inspection by members in the Members Library.

The WITS PSA maintains a ticketing system in which all issues raised against the WITS PSA are recorded. These issues can be, for example, issues related to the WITS-DNP3 protocol implementation, issues related to user configuration of their systems, issues of documentation or suggestions for improvement The system acts as a central repository, ensuring that no issues are lost. It allows prioritisation and allocation of the tickets so that the voluntary effort available from WITS PSA Members can be focussed on the most important issues. However, the system only supports a small number of users and these are normally drawn from the most active WITS members.

Now however, we have made available an export of the open tickets in the Member Library of the WITS website. This allows all WITS members to view the tickets and examine a synopsis of what the ticket is about and progress made on that ticket. We would encourage all members to log on to the WITS website, navigate to the “Members Only” menu item and select the “Member’s Library” option. Near the bottom of the “Member’s Library” page you will be able to follow the link to the “Current WITS Ticket Status” and view the WITS tickets.

We hope you find this useful. Should you have any comments on the page or on any of the tickets, please get in touch (you can find more details in Contact Us).

Mark Davison, Terzo Digital