WITS Plugfest Day Today

WITS-DNP3 Vendors and users from across the UK have come together at the Sjovoll Centre, Durham. Everyone has brought their latest hardware, firmware and software to test WITS-DNP3 implementations.  Engineers from Servelec, Schneider, Xylem, Pulsar, Technolog, Metasphere, Brodersen and Softing are here among others to test and improve their systems.

We have representatives from a number of WITS user organisations and their consultants to assist and oversee the work.

WITS-IoT will be presented and demonstrated today to give the engineers, consultants and users another chance to see how WITS-IoT works and to share feedback with the protocol development team.

Huge thanks to Northumbrian Water for hosting the event today and providing such a great space to house this event!

More details on what was tested, by whom will be coming in a future atricle.