On Tuesday April 4th 2016 Simon Harrison the WITS Chairman presented on behalf of WITS at the SWAN conference in London. SWAN (the Smart Water Networks Forum) is a worldwide industry forum promoting the use of data technologies in water networks, making them smarter, more efficient and more sustainable. The conference was well attended with around 200 attendees including companies in the water and smart water space, water companies from the UK and abroad, consultants and researchers from academia working in the water sector. You see highlights of the conference, who spoke and their slides on the SWAN website.

Simon Harrison at SWAN conference Mar 2016


Simon’s presentation was part of a discussion session on interoperability on the first day of the conference. The presentation introduced the attendees to WITS, what it was, the problems it addressed and how successful rollout of the protocol has been. You can view Simon’s slides here .

The interoperability session was led by Michal Koenig or Qualcomm and also featured Dr Andreas Hauser of TÜV SÜD who is the lead of the interoperability working group within SWAN and preparing to present their first white paper on the various protocols they have been researching which have applicability to the collection of water data, these include the WITS-DNP3 protocol. This white paper is expected to be available to SWAN members by the end of April 2016. The WITS PSA look forward to reading this report and hopefully enhancing the take up on the WITS-DNP3 protocol within the water industry in the UK and abroad.