The 8th SCADA World Summit 2018, London, May 7-10

The SCADA World Summit series of conferences are held in different parts of the world. Jim Baker, a WITS Governance Committee member and member of the DNP3 Technical Committee, was invited to present at the 2018 conference in London.

Jim’s presentation comprised two parts: the first part was a workshop on the development of the WITS protocol culminating in the WITS-IoT project. This was received well and generated a lot of interest by the water representatives at the conference.

The second part was a presentation on a project being conducted by Water Corporation in Western Australia. It is an investigation into the application of IoT at a tree farm in the south west of Western Australia. The tree farm utilises treated wastewater from a nearby wastewater treatment plant. There are tight regulations on how much treated wastewater is permitted to be used at the tree farm and so accurate monitoring of moisture levels is essential. The trees are harvested on a 10 year cycle which results in destruction of the sensor wiring. This means that it is an ideal project for battery powered moisture sensors that do not require wiring and have a communications protocol that is able to negotiate the 30 metre high trees. The implementation of WITS-IoT over LoRa would provide a standardised, interoperable data format that requires low power.

The project is progressing.

Jim Baker, Water Corporation of Western Australia