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03-May-2017 DNP3 TB2016-005 information for WITS members

The publication

The DNP User Group published the following news on December 28th 2016:

The DNP Technical Committee has released the following Technical Bulletin (TB):

  • TB2016-005 Indicating Invalid Floating-point Data in Object Group 0 Variations

TB2013-004 introduced some new Object Group 0 Variations that are used to report GPS data from an outstation (latitude and longitude). Questions arose about how an outstation should use these objects if it cannot get a GPS fix to the required number […]

03-May-2017 DNP3 TB2016-004 information for WITS members

The publication

The DNP User Group published the following news on December 2nd 2016:

The DNP Technical Committee has released the following Technical Bulletin (TB):

  • TB2016-004 Updated Unsolicited Reporting Requirements for Constrained Environments

The TB (dated November 29th 2016) makes minor changes to the DNP3 specification, describing that outstations may not always be able to communicate “immediately” due to constraints outside of the DNP3 protocol.

How does this affect WITS users?

This has no impact on WITS users.

How does […]

18-Jan-2017 Anglian Water now LIVE with WITS

Anglian Water are pleased to announce that the first Anglian Water WITS outstation (Servelec S2000 Micro) went live on their Schneider ClearSCADA  telemetry master station in December 2016.

They had a small but dedicated team of internal engineers supported by Servelec, and Mark and Neil from Terzo Digital working extremely hard to get them to this position.

The team went though a steep learning curve and in the spirit of co-operation and sharing knowledge they will […]

04-Jan-2017 New WITS Technical Bulletins Published (TBs 56-60)

Today, the WITS-PSA has published the final results of many months of work, standardising some important new features into WITS-DNP3.  These include recommendations for operating WITS-DNP3 in an optimised manner and transients recording (high speed recording and triggering data send after an incident condition).  The updated Technical Bulletins are as follows:

TB #56 – Defining how to use WITS-DNP3 in an optimised manner.

TB #57 – Adding incident logs and significant change logs (transients recording).

TB #58 – […]

26-Nov-2016 WITS in WIPAC Monthly

WIPAC (Water Industry Process Automation and Control) is a cross-industry group whose aim is to promote greater and better targeted use of instrumentation, process control and automation, in order to improve the efficiency of water & wastewater networks and treatment.

In the latest WIPAC newsletter, the editor Oliver Grievson has written a great article about ‘Smart Water’ entitled ‘How does the Water Industry make “smart” Business as Usual?’. The article can be […]

25-Nov-2016 Renew your WITS-PSA Subscription Online!

WITS-PSA members can now easily renew their subscription online

The WITS-PSA has partnered with PayPal to enable online subscription renewals. WITS-PSA corporate members can now easily access PayPal to pay the annual subscription fee by clicking on the “Renew Your Membership Online” link under the “Members” menu.

PayPal allows users to pay with an existing PayPal balance or any major debit/credit card.

The WITS-PSA has made this move in response to membership requests to expand […]

21-Nov-2016 Application for Verification and Self-Certification

Earlier this year the Committee announced that testing has to be done using the WITS Test Specification when applying for Verification or Self-Certification of vendor devices.

Applicants should note that the Test Specification instructs the tester to present their test results by completing the tables in the WITS Test Specification itself.

Update application forms are available for download from the web site.

The WITS Test Specification is available for purchase as before from the WITS Secretary.

17-Nov-2016 WITS-IOT Presented at the WWEM 2016 / IWA Event

The WITS-PSA presented our WITS-IOT project at the IWA event held as part of the WWEM (Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring) 2016 exhibition and conference. WWEM 2016 was held at the International Centre in Telford, England on 2nd and 3rd November.

Our presentation went down well with the attendees and speakers alike. Very encouraging feedback. We really enjoyed the show this year and look forward to presenting again and seeing WITS-IOT devices […]

14-Nov-2016 WITS Cited in an ISA Article About DNP3 in Water Applications

WITS has been cited in an article in the ISA Water/Wastewater Industry Division Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter

Philip Aubin (a WITS member for Schneider Electric) has had an article published in ISA Water / Wastewater Industry Division Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter entitled “DNP3 Communications for Water and Wastewater Applications” which may be of interest to other WITS members.

The article is primarily about the use of DNP3 in water and wastewater applications. The content of the piece […]

11-Nov-2016 Helping Users Overcome Issues in Using Field Devices

Helping Users Overcome Issues in Using Field Devices

As a WITS user, there are a number of things to think about before trying to use a Field Device against your Master Station. These things can include:

– Making sure the Field Device has the correct capabilities by reading the device profile.
– Ensuring the Field Device is interoperable with your master station; maybe the versions are not compatible (for example a Field Device only supporting WITS 1.3 […]