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14-Jun-2018 WITS-DNP3 V3.0 Master Station Timescales

Version 3.0 of WITS-DNP3 was released sometime ago. However, up till this point, neither Master Station supported that later version. At the last WITS Strategy Meeting in May 2018 at NIW in Belfast, both Master Station manufacturers were asked to come prepared to discuss their rollout plans and when WITS-DNP3 version 3.0 may feature in those plans.

We are pleased to announce that both Master Station manufacturers have WITS 3.0 on their development horizons. At […]

17-July-2017 WITS-IoT Terms of Reference

03-May-2017 DNP3 TB2016-005 information for WITS members

The publication

The DNP User Group published the following news on December 28th 2016:

The DNP Technical Committee has released the following Technical Bulletin (TB):

  • TB2016-005 Indicating Invalid Floating-point Data in Object Group 0 Variations

TB2013-004 introduced some new Object Group 0 Variations that are used to report GPS data from an outstation (latitude and longitude). Questions arose about how an outstation should use these objects if it cannot get a GPS fix to the required number […]

27-Apr-2017 Brodersen RTU32 WITS 1.3 Device Profile

WITS Version 1.3 – Self certified on 19th April 2017

Note that this Device Profile shows the device’s functionality at the time it was listed as a self certified device. The vendor may have changed the device’s functionality since that time and they may have later versions of the Device Profile.
The device was tested to Test Specification version 1.1 Note that later versions of […]

18-Jan-2017 Anglian Water now LIVE with WITS

Anglian Water are pleased to announce that the first Anglian Water WITS outstation (Servelec S2000 Micro) went live on their Schneider ClearSCADA  telemetry master station in December 2016.

They had a small but dedicated team of internal engineers supported by Servelec, and Mark and Neil from Terzo Digital working extremely hard to get them to this position.

The team went though a steep learning curve and in the spirit of co-operation and sharing knowledge they will […]

25-Nov-2016 Renew your WITS-PSA Subscription Online!

WITS-PSA members can now easily renew their subscription online

The WITS-PSA has partnered with PayPal to enable online subscription renewals. WITS-PSA corporate members can now easily access PayPal to pay the annual subscription fee by clicking on the “Renew Your Membership Online” link under the “Members” menu.

PayPal allows users to pay with an existing PayPal balance or any major debit/credit card.

The WITS-PSA has made this move in response to membership requests to expand […]

4-Nov-2016 WITS Expo 2016 – What Happened?

WITS Expo 2016

The WITS Expo is over and it was a great success.

We had 91 attendees listening to our ideas and direction for the WITS protocols. We gave an update on where WITS is now, why you should adopt WITS and what needs WITS-DNP3 is failing to satisfy. We talked about the WITS-DNP3 roadmap and what we are doing to update WITS-DNP3 in the short to medium term.

Finally we talked about WITS-IOT, our new […]

21-Apr-2016 Road Map

With Version 3.0 of the Protocol having been published, the WITS Road Map has been updated to reflect this change.

See the Road Map here.

15-Feb-2016 Record of Financial agreements



Last updated: 13/2/2016





Meeting Number Date Issue
1 Interim #2 16/2/11 Agreed that Grontmij can issue invoices for Secretarial, Treasurer & website services for January and February 2011 at the agreed monthly rate of £1,500.24 + VAT. SH to approve the invoices.
2 n/a various Payments of Grontmij fees for Secretarial, Treasurer & website services for March, April & May approved individually by SH (£1,500.24 + VAT […]

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