21-Apr-2016 Clarification of WITS terms


 It has come to the notice of the Committee that the term WITS is being used to describe a number of different things in different situations, and therefore this note has been produced to clarify its use.


 A group was established to work together to produce common standards to be applied to telemetry for use by the water industry. These were called Water Industry Telemetry Standards or WITS

The first standard to be produced was the […]

Technical Bulletins

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Jim Bakers Remote Technologies UK-WITS presentation V2

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Launch Forum 18-Mar-2010

Chairman’s introduction

Introduction to the protocol

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Open Event December 2011

Show and Tell Day October 2012


WITS Testing – the joy of plugfests

During 2007, the detail design of the WITS protocol was undertaken by a joint development team including engineers from all contributing founder vendors. This team has seen the WITS protocol move successfully from requirements through to a working protocol implemented, tested and certified on all the vendors equipment by the end of 2010. This article describes a key, and very successful, feature of the WITS development process – the WITS plugfests.

The WITS development process

The development […]