It has come to the notice of the Committee that the term WITS is being used to describe a number of different things in different situations, and therefore this note has been produced to clarify its use.


 A group was established to work together to produce common standards to be applied to telemetry for use by the water industry. These were called Water Industry Telemetry Standards or WITS

The first standard to be produced was the communications protocol standard that was called The WITS-DNP3 Protocol Standard or WITS-DNP3

 In order to ensure the long term sustainability of the WITS-DNP3 Protocol Standard an association was formed to manage and promote the Standard. This was called The WITS Protocol Standards Association or The WITS PSA

The association elected a committee to govern the WITS Protocol Standards Association. This was called The WITS Protocol Standards Association Committee or The WITS PSAC


We hope that this clarifies the terms used.