Version 3.0 of WITS-DNP3 was released sometime ago. However, up till this point, neither Master Station supported that later version. At the last WITS Strategy Meeting in May 2018 at NIW in Belfast, both Master Station manufacturers were asked to come prepared to discuss their rollout plans and when WITS-DNP3 version 3.0 may feature in those plans.

We are pleased to announce that both Master Station manufacturers have WITS 3.0 on their development horizons. At the Strategy Meeting, Schneider Electric indicated that they expected WITS 3.0 to be on ClearSCADA by the end of this calendar year, whilst Servelec expect to have WITS 3.0 on Scope before June next year.

So, if you are a Field Device vendor, there is no time to lose in upgrading your devices to have WITS 3.0 support. In that way, once the Master Stations become available you will be able to match the Master Station WITS 3.0 features with those offered in your products.