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WITS History

WITS was formed in 2003 with the aim of developing a single telemetry protocol allowing any Field Device to connect to any Master System. Seven years later WITS-DNP3 protocol development was completed and to date some 8,400 outstations have gone into service across five UK water companies.

Management of the new protocol was handed over to the WITS Protocol Standards Association (PSA) in 2010 and an elected group of volunteer users and vendors formed the PSAC who manage all aspects of the PSA on behalf of the members.

We Need a WITS Event

The PSAC have not held an update event since 2012, and a lot has happened in the intervening four years including the protocol being merged into one overall version and various user requested enhancements. So the PSAC feel it’s high time we held another event to bring everyone up to speed.

About the WITS Expo

Users of WITS-DNP3 have realised many of the business benefits originally documented, however they face continual challenges to drive efficiency into their operational activities which means WITS also needs to react and develop new features that meet future requirements.

With this in mind and as part of our efforts to develop for the future, the PSAC would like to extend you an invite to attend the WITS Expo 2016 taking place at the Kingsgate Centre Peterborough on 18th Oct 2016.

Our interactive event will cover WITS history and background, an update on water industry adoption with “Good News Stories” from a number of users, current protocol shortcomings and an exciting announcement on future developments. The day will also include plenty of opportunities for networking, live vendor demonstrations of WITS-DNP3 Field Devices and Master Stations and you will have the chance to get involved in discussions and feedback helping to ultimately determine the future path of the PSA.

Finally this event is aimed at everyone, whether you are an experienced user or vendor in the WITS community, someone whose been watching from the side lines or a complete newcomer. We are encouraging you to attend and get involved in what is an exciting future for WITS.

You can follow us on twitter (@witsprotocol) and LinkedIn (WITS Protocol Standards Association) for news and updates about this exciting event.