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18-Jan-2018 WITS Updates Coverage and Logo

Following increased interest from industries other than UK water in the WITS DNP3 protocol, the WITS PSA has decided to broaden the coverage of WITS from “Water Industry Telemetry Standards” to “Worldwide Industrial Telemetry Standards”.

Consequently, the WITS logo has been updated to reflect this change as shown below and on our updated website.

The logo change:

WITS Protocol   becomes  

17-Jan-2018 WITS Plugfest Day

WITS Plugfest Day Today

WITS-DNP3 Vendors and users from across the UK have come together at the Sjovoll Centre, Durham. Everyone has brought their latest hardware, firmware and software to test WITS-DNP3 implementations.  Engineers from Servelec, Schneider, Xylem, Pulsar, Technolog, Metasphere, Brodersen and Softing are here among others to test and improve their systems.

We have representatives from a number of WITS user organisations and their consultants to assist and oversee the work.

WITS-IoT will be presented […]

12-Jan-2018 WITS at the Global Leakage Summit 2018

WITS Member speaking on the use of WITS at the Global Leakage Summit 2018

Graham Nasby of Guelph Water in Canada will be speaking at the Global Leakage Summit 2018. The Summit is on Tuesday 13th March and Wednesday 14th March in London, UK. You can read more about the summit here.

Graham will be presenting on Guelph Water’s use of the WITS-DNP3 Protocol to efficiently collect pressure and flow data from District Metered Areas […]

Metasphere Point Orange Device Profile

WITS Version 1.3 – Self certified on 13th December 2019

Note that this Device Profile shows the device’s functionality at the time it was listed as a self certified device. The vendor may have changed the device’s functionality since that time and they may have later versions of the […]

04-Dec-2017 WITS Wastewater Loggers at SWW

South West Water has selected battery-powered WITS data loggers from Servelec Technologies for a wastewater event duration monitoring (EDM) project which starts this month [November 2017].

The Seprol S2000nano devices will be installed to monitor sewer levels underneath the roads of Cornwall and Devon.

As the loggers are WITS certified they integrate directly with South West Water’s WITS enabled SCOPE SCADA and telemetry system, also provided by Servelec. The enterprise SCOPE SCADA and telemetry system deployed […]

21-Nov-2017 WITS PSA Forums Now LIVE!

The WITS PSA Committee are pleased to announce that the WITS PSA Forums are available once again.

The WITS PSA member forums can now be accessed again from the WITS website using the Members’ Forum link (you must be a WITS member and logged-in to the WITS website). It should be possible to log in using the username and password you have always used for the forum. If your organisation is a WITS PSA member and […]

18-Oct-2017 WITS Forums – Service announcement

WITS Forums – Service announcement and migration to new host

Following the first user meeting in June 2017, users requested that they have a method to continue discussions on line between meetings. These discussions should be private to the users. The current forum used by the WITS PSA and its members has been voluntarily managed by one of the PSA vendors representatives (Gavin Rawson). To avoid any conflicts of interest and with the help of […]

17-Oct-2017 WITS Plugfest Date Announced

2018 Plugfest Date Announcement

Following the last successful WITS Plugfest on May 17th 2017 (see the article on the WITS website to remind you), we would like to invite you to the next WITS Plugfest on Wednesday 17th January 2018.

As requested at the last Plugfest, we will be inviting more users this time around.  To facilitate this, the plugfest will be held in the same location and on the day before the WITS User Meeting, thus […]

13-Sep-2017 Making the WITS PSAC More Transparent

Making the workings of the PSAC more transparent

In late 2015, the membership of the WITS Protocol Standards Association (PSA) suggested that having more visibility of what the Protocol Standards Association Committee (PSAC) is doing would be good. In reply to this request, the Strategy Group of the PSAC did the following:

  • Determine what the strategy objectives of the PSA should be. What objectives should the PSA have to ensure continued adoption of the protocol […]
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Servelec Systems S2000nano Device Profile

WITS Version 1.1 – Self certified on 7th August 2017


Note that this Device Profile shows the device’s functionality at the time it was listed as a self certified device. The vendor may have changed the device’s functionality since that time and they may have later versions of […]