WITS Expo 2016

The WITS Expo is over and it was a great success.

We had 91 attendees listening to our ideas and direction for the WITS protocols. We gave an update on where WITS is now, why you should adopt WITS and what needs WITS-DNP3 is failing to satisfy. We talked about the WITS-DNP3 roadmap and what we are doing to update WITS-DNP3 in the short to medium term.

Finally we talked about WITS-IOT, our new complimentary protocol for WITS-DNP3 that we are developing to extend the telemetry environment into infrastructure assets. In areas where devices need to be battery powered with a long life and may exist on communications networks that are unsuitable for DNP3, WITS-IOT is a great choice for fast development of compatible devices that also bring new possibilities to share telemetry data at source.

We have prepared a package about the event giving people who were unable to attend the possibility to see what happened and those that did attend can remind themselves of what they saw.

Wits Expo 2016 Outcome Pack (presentations, Glisser questions and responses, some images from the day).

WITS – “Why we are here” video

WITS-IOT video

Vendor information

Brodersen: RTUs
Brodersen: WITS-DNP3
Metasphere: Point Blue
Metasphere: Telemetry Bureau Service
Pulsar: Ultimate Controller
Schneider Electric: Solutions for Water and Wastewater
Schneider Electric: Talus T4e brochure
Schneider Electric: Talus T4c brochure
Schneider Electric: Trio QR450 brochure
Servelec: Scope
Servelec: Seprol
Servelec: Security White Paper
Softing: WITS Interface
Technolog: WITS
Technolog: Regulo
Technolog: Cello CSO
Technolog: Cello 4s
Terzo Digital
Triangle Microworks
Xylem: Multismart
Xylem: GCU401 Technical Specification
Xylem: ATU 900 Technical Specification
Xylem: ATU 800 Technical Specification